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Boost Your Leads: A How-To Guide for Lead Generation Ads on Meta

In the bustling online marketplace, standing out and capturing the attention of potential customers is a must for small business owners. With the competition only a click away, finding an effective way to generate leads is paramount. Enter lead generation ads on Meta. These ads allow you to collect information from interested individuals directly through…
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Increase Your E-commerce Traffic with Meta Ads

Introduction In today’s rapidly evolving digital marketplace, the ability to drive targeted traffic to your e-commerce site can significantly impact your business’s bottom line. For many small business owners, the challenge lies not only in attracting visitors but in converting these visits into sales. This is where leveraging the power of Meta Ads comes into…
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Meta Ads - What types of ads are available for businesses?

A Detailed Look into the Range of Ads Offered by Meta

In an era where establishing a digital presence is crucial for business success, understanding the myriad of advertising options available is key. Among these, Meta Ads stand out as a versatile and powerful tool to reach your target audience. Specifically designed for platforms under the Meta umbrella, such as Facebook and Instagram, these ads offer…
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Herd Marketing and Inspire Home Solutions Podcast

Local Business Utilising Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Last week we visited The Material Studios in Liverpool to film and record the latest new episode of the Herd Marketing podcast and vlog. Our guest on this episode was Jonny Vaggers from Inspire Home Solutions. Jonny is a client of ours and we currently manage his paid Facebook Ads that are targeted on creating…
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Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media is a very powerful marketing tool that you can use to enhance the amount of engagement and interaction your business or products receive online. There are several different social media platforms out there, all of which give you the ability to promote virtually anything that you’re selling or advertising online.  It’s important for you…
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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become one of the best ways to attract, inform and engage with potential customers and clients and in today’s article we are going to be looking at some of the most popular platforms and the tools available to use when marketing on these websites. Firstly we are going to take a look…
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Facebook Ad Management

Social media marketing is now one of the most popular forms of all digital marketing and here at Herd Marketing we work with a variety of companies who use our services to increase traffic, enquiries and sales via their Facebook pages and ads. In today’s entry we are going to cover some of the marketing…
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Generating Leads from LinkedIn

Hints and tips on how to generate more leads via LinkedIn. In today’s entry, I want to talk about using LinkedIn and how when used correctly, it can help to generate more leads and business for your business. I often find on social media platforms and on marketing news outlets that you need to be…
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Facebook Lead Generation

Tips For Creating Lead Generation Ads on Facebook

Lead generation ads via Facebook can offer both B2B and B2C advertisers with good ROI and this has been part of the reason that nearly 25% of all digital marketing spend now comes via social media. In recent weeks Facebook has not had the best of press with the Cambridge Analytica scandal that has been…
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