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Content Marketing

Content Marketing

When writing content for content marketing there are a number of points that should be considered so that it works and add value to the reader. These points include:


Will your readers be likely to share it on their social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? This has a number of benefits to both you and the reader, mainly as its an excellent way of getting good deep rooted backlinks to your site, ultimately helping with SEO.


Will customers and website visitors spend time reading and digesting what has been written and will they look into the topic further, such as click through on to a product or enquire about a booking have read the article or blog post?


Apart from being well written it needs to be appealing to the reader’s eye so it attracts them and keeps them on your webpage. Well written creative content that offers good UX is what is essential.


It’s not always sell, sell, sell – often prospects/customers will research products/services before committing to buy and content marketing offers a great way to showcase and highlight your products or skills.

Content Marketing has become a very important and relevant part of businesses online digital marketing strategy and now more than ever good quality, relevant and compelling content is helping websites rank in search engines such as Google.

It’s often been said in online marketing that content is king and to some extent this is true. Although there is a little bit more to it than just writing paragraph after paragraph – the words and content that you create need to be relevant to the subject matter that your writing about but it also needs to be compelling and interesting to the reader.

As Google and other major search engines have evolved and their algorithms have become more and more complex they have made good quality relevant content an important ranking factor.

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Having said this it’s also important that the page your content is displayed and shown on is laid out well and looks good. After all it’s hard to get someone to read line after line of content if its boring and lacks creativity. When we develop content for our clients and ultimately for their customers to read and share we always do it with a number of considerations in mind to ensure that the best possible ROI is achieved.

When writing and developing content for our clients it is generally written and developed as part of the wider and complete digital marketing campaign that we undertake for clients. This isn’t to say we can’t write and develop good content marketing articles on their own. From experience though it tends to work well when integrated into an overall SEO and digital marketing plan. This involves pulling all aspects of the marketing mix together to convey a clear and concise message to your customers.

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Be authentic with your content…

As we have covered and spoken about on this page so far content really is king and so long as it is relevant and will be of interest to your website visitors then it is worth being added regularly to your website.

Content can be created in a number of ways and this can include podcasts, videos and also written content. It’s all about adding value and engaging with website visitors so that they gain something from their visit to your website. The best way of thinking about this is to imagine that you are reading an article on a topic that really interests you – if the article is good and has been written or made in a creative manner, you may want to share it with your friends on your social media pages.

This is why content marketing has its roots in search engine optimisation as it can really help get good, deep-rooted backlinks to your websites. Social media interaction is an important aspect in search engines algorithms and this why it’s vital to encourage website visitors to share your content.

Alongside this, consideration should also be to the UX (user experience) as this alongside the content will help to determine how long or frequently your content is read, viewed or shared.

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