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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing offers you a great way to keep in touch with both new and existing customers and is a very cost effective way of doing so. Below are some hints and tips on how to get the most from your email campaigns…


To get the most from your emails, ensure that you are sending the right messages and content to the right people. Segment your email lists to ensure the best ROI.

Double Opt-In

It’s best practice to get people who sign up to your email to double opt-in. This option ensures that your data is clean and in the long term will convert better.


New laws govern how you contact customers and prospects and now more than ever it is vital to ensure that you have permission to email your customers. 


When emailing customers and prospects it’s important to get the frequency right. Ensure you send regular emails, but not too many that people start to unsubscribe in large numbers.

Email Marketing is the most cost-effective form of digital marketing and when done correctly can offer excellent ROI for businesses. The key to email marketing is to offer the subscriber something of value that will make them want to open your email and take action based on its content.

This can often be easier said than done and in today’s fast moving world it’s more important than ever to engage with your subscribers and offer them something of value. Depending on your sector and business value can mean a number of different things, but typically this can include sharing valuable content and information, promo codes for eCommerce sites and even by embedding your latest video into your email.

Email marketing has many benefits and can be very useful for businesses in both the B2C and B2B sector. As with many other elements of digital marketing, email marketing often works best in combination with other online marketing techniques, such as dynamic remarketing on Googles search and display networks.

Collecting and using email data…

Email marketing offers a great way to stay connected and in touch with both new and existing customers. Email marketing works well for both B2B customers and also B2C customers and there are a number of ways in which to grow your email list.

The easiest and most efficient way is via an email sign up form or pop up on your website. These data capture forms are good for collecting data and are easily added to your website and importantly, customers who fill them in, are showing a real interest in your product or service.

It is always advisable to ensure that you have the double opt-in option enabled within your email marketing providers account. Companies such as MailChimp advise this as a best practice option and it makes real business sense to use it. By having the double opt-in option enabled it helps you to ensure that the data you have is valid and accurate and in the long term this will help with CTR and conversion rates.

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