Facebook Ad Management

Facebook Ad Management

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Social media marketing is now one of the most popular forms of all digital marketing and here at Herd Marketing we work with a variety of companies who use our services to increase traffic, enquiries and sales via their Facebook pages and ads. In today’s entry we are going to cover some of the marketing techniques and ideas that we use and implement for some of our clients.

In the first instance we need to understand what your aims and objectives are – what is it that you want to achieve from your Facebook Ads? This needs to be fairly specific, so for example it could be that you want to get more traffic to a specific website or you want to increase brand awareness for your company/brand. Once we have a through understanding of exactly what your aims and objectives are we can set about creating very targeted ads to achieve this.

Many people who already use Facebook Ads who come to us say they are not really getting the ROI that they had hoped for and are struggling to get an understanding of how to measure their marketing budget. Quite often when we speak to clients about this, it is because they are using the standard ‘Boost Post’ feature without using any of the other additional features that are available, such as installing the Facebook Pixel and defining and segmenting your audiences in an efficient way. These last two points are quite important and will help you measure and get a better understanding of how your customers are interacting and behaving with both your ads and when on your website.

This video talks about Facebooks Ads and offers some good ideas on how to get the most out of your paid Facebook ads

In additional to creating ads as discussed above, we also manage some of our clients business pages and this has a number of benefits to our clients. Principally, when it comes to managing pages we often look to engage with the target audience in a way that resonates with them as a person. This has a number of benefits, including interaction with both new and existing customers, building brand awareness and it also helps to develop a level of trust and adds a human element into the mix. These are important factors and cannot be under estimated in the modern world. After all, people buy into people so if you can resonate on a basic human level, build trust and show a real connection with your audience then this will go a long way in building up an ongoing relationship between you and your customers.

Another key point we like to advocate when managing pages for our clients is the sharing of valuable information. For example, if you’re experts in your field and you write a blog or a good piece of content then share this on your social media pages. You may be reading this blog article after seeing it shared on one of our own social media pages. Good quality Content Marketing has a real place in digital marketing and if you can share and add value to your readers by posting it on your social media pages then why not do it? It doubles up as content on your own website and also makes a good post on your social media pages. It really is a win win situation, however the content has to be good and add value to the end user. In addition to this, your social signals such as popularity and interaction, also play a part in your organic ranking, meaning that good social media management also has value in your wider SEO strategy.

We hope your have enjoyed this short read on Facebook Ads Management and you have gained something from reading it. If you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions then please do leave a comment in the box below. If you like what we have written here then please do share it Β on your own social media pages – after all sharing is caring.


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