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Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

Facebook vs Google Ads

Digital marketing has become a way of life for marketers over the past decade and a half. Yet, there is so much to learn about digital marketing and its scope of turning your business into a lucrative enterprise. It is a known and accepted fact, in all form of marketing campaigns, that strategic advertising to promote your brand and its awareness is crucial. In an age where the digital revolution has touched the lives of billions worldwide, how do you ensure that your brand of goods or services makes the most impact? 

Google Ads, also known as AdWords, and Facebook Ads are both viable options. But people often misunderstand how to use them effectively so that they fail to generate the ROI expected and required by business owners and investors. Here, in this article, I intend to share some useful hints and tips on both Google Ads and Facebook Ads, so that can you make an informed decision on which one may benefit you the most.

Google Ads – Instant hits!

Paid search, paid advertising or pay per click (PPC) is the essence of what Google Ads is. Being a pioneer search engine, Google allows advertisers to put up ads of their goods or services at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). Google generates revenue based on search engine users clicking on these ads. Critically, advertisers only pay when end-user clicks on the ad.

The importance of paid search results using Google Ads is immense in search engine marketing. At the very basic, they are more conspicuous than organic search results and attract instant attention, by landing top spots in the search engine results, as I mentioned earlier.

If you keep the following pointers in mind, the advantages of using Google Ads become clear.

•    Google, as a search engine, is omnipresent in the world wide web. 

•    In terms of the sales funnel, Google Ads represent the latter half of the picture –  which deals with the creation of interest, leading on to decision making, and finally enabling conversion through sales. 

•    The number of ways to reach potential customers are higher in Google Ads, as email marketing can also be facilitated by using the Gmail inbox for example. The dedicated promotions tab can thus be a vital marketing strategy to benefit your business. 

•    Although very effective in terms of increasing website traffic quickly, the initial set up costs for Google Ads can be high, depending upon your niche or industry. However, with its ability to reach large audiences, the advantage of this marketing tool cannot be overlooked. So, if possible, setting aside a larger marketing budget can be beneficial in the long run.

•    It is important to know and have an understanding of PPC Management if you are to run an impactful Google Ads campaign that will generate an optimum ROI (return on investment). Keyword analysis, monitoring metrics, report analysis, competition analysis and optimised ad spends are some of the great ways to achieve this.

Many people spend the majority of their time online surfing and browsing the internet. As a result, finding new customers is very easy if you make smart use of Google Ads. That’s why even with a higher initial investment, the assured profitability and quick returns make this marketing strategy very popular among all types of businesses, whether business to business (B2B), or business to customers (B2C). 

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Facebook Ads – Fuel brand awareness

Over the years, social media has occupied a prominent place with its scope and reach to people all over the world and the single most popular social media platform, to stand the test of time is Facebook. When the social media giant introduced the concept of Facebook Ads, it is thus no wonder it became a hit among businesses trying to find newer ways of getting across to consumers. 

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