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Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

Facebook vs Google Ads

When deciding whether to use Google Ads or Meta Ads to promote your business or services online, I always have a fairly frank conversation with our clients about their ideal customer’s intentions. Why is this relevant when discussing different online advertising options I hear you ask?

Well, it’s relevant as customer intent and a good understanding of it should form a crucial part of your online advertising strategy. In my experience, Google Ads tend to lead towards customers who are searching directly for your products/services, whilst Meta Ads work well for more opportunistic sales/purchases. I must add at this point, this isn’t always relevant or accurate for all industries, however often for e-commerce businesses with products for sale, Google Ads lends itself towards a more sales-driven approach based on customer intent. Crucially, it’s also important to remember as well that remarketing/brand awareness are also important aspects of a good overall marketing strategy and both Google and Meta offer these options to advertisers.

In an ideal world, you want to be using a multitude of different advertising options to capture your customer’s attention, but having or gaining a thorough understanding of their intent at the time of seeing your ads is crucial to ensuring a ROI from your advertising budget.

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Digital marketing has become a way of life for marketers over the past decade and a half. Yet, there is so much to learn about digital marketing and its scope of turning your business into a lucrative enterprise. It is a known and accepted fact, in all form of marketing campaigns, that strategic advertising to promote your brand and its awareness is crucial. In an age where the digital revolution has touched the lives of billions worldwide, how do you ensure that your brand of goods or services makes the most impact? 

Google Ads, also known as AdWords, and Facebook Ads are both viable options. But people often misunderstand how to use them effectively so that they fail to generate the ROI expected and required by business owners and investors. Here, in this article, I intend to share some useful hints and tips on both Google Ads and Facebook Ads, so that can you make an informed decision on which one may benefit you the most.

Google Ads – Instant hits!

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