Paid Search Digital Marketing

Paid Search Digital Marketing

Paid Search Digital MarketingReading Time: 3 minutes

There was a time when paid search was the sole domain of Google, then Microsoft rolled out their paid platform on Bing and things where moving along nicely when suddenly, Facebook arrived on the scene. Fast forward to today and its 10 years since Facebook offered it paid services ads and what was once a very basic advertising platform has become something of a game changer in today’s digital marketing world.

Paid search works in digital marketing and there is no two ways about this. The key to getting a good ROI on paid ads is by ensuring that they are setup and managed correctly. Here at Herd Marketing we like to use PPC and paid social ads as a guide to help us identify popular search terms and keywords. We then use this data to focus our SEO efforts and the reason for doing this is that in the long-term this allows us reduce our spend on these search terms/keywords within our paid search campaigns, as we will now be ranking for them organically.

This short video from Neil Patel compares the two large adverting platforms, Google and Facebook

PPC and paid social media advertising is a great way of increasing your websites traffic in a short amount of time, however there are some points that are worth bearing in mind. Google Ads and Facebook Ads both work on a similar ethos that the ads needs to take the end user (generally customers) to a relevant page to their search query. So for example, if you are reading this blog there is a good chance that you are researching or looking into paid search within digital marketing. In order for Google and Facebook to determine this then apply quality score (Google) and relevance score (Facebook) to your ads and these scores are out of 10. The nearer you get to 10 the better as this generally means that your cost per click (CPC) can/has come down and that your click through rate (CTR) has increased. These metrics alongside a number of others go someway into ensuring that these ads deliver a good experience for the end user.

When it comes to comparing Google Ads and Facebook Ads it depend upon the sector and product or service that you sell/offer. Here at Herd Marketing we work with both B2C and B2B clients and both platforms offer a good ROI. It really does depend upon your industry and sector as to what will offer you the best ROI. A good way to ensure you are covering both is to run dynamic remarketing ads on both platforms and with Google Analytics identify where your traffic is coming from and what actions is being taken thereafter.

Paid search is now a wide and varied tool with many options available to advertisers and it should be part of all businesses wider digital marketing strategy. If you use it within your business and have any thoughts, questions or suggestions, then please do comment in the box below. It’s always nice to hear other people’s experiences and it’s also good for other readers of this article as it helps us all if we share a little knowledge.

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