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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Management

PPC offers a great way of increasing website traffic and can be used on both Google and Bing search networks. Both of the major search engines also allow for remarketing, thus offering you the chance to recapture previous website visitors. 


The biggest search engine in the world, Google’s paid advertising platform, AdWords offers a plethora of paid search tools that when utilised offer great ROI.


Bing has its place within paid search and if managed correctly can generate website traffic that offers cheaper CPC compared to Google.

Search Networks

Get your ads to show on Google and Bing’s search networks. Create callout extensions and CTA ads that will entice customers and prospects.

Display Networks

Enable remarketing and showcase your goods and services on thousands of display network approved sites.

Pay per click is a great way of generating traffic to your website and is now offered across both search and social media networks. In it’s simplest from PPC involves bidding on chosen keywords within your ad campaigns and when a customer clicks on your ad from these campaigns, you get charged.

In reality, though there is a lot more to consider and apply to you pay per click campaigns. When developing campaigns for clients we always use data and analytics to help us ensure we get the best ROI for our clients. Whilst PPC offers you the chance to appear at the top of search engine results we believe that it should also work to enhance and guide your organic SEO strategy.

For example, by monitoring and identifying popular keywords that consistently offer a good ROI then it should be seriously considered to try and rank organically for that keyword.

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In addition to this consideration should also be given to any remarketing ads that can be generated as a result of a customer visiting your website and looking at/ taking action that could indicate they are about to make a purchase or enquiry. Remarketing ads offer a great way to continue to show potential customers your products as they can show your ads and products in small remarketing boxes within Googles display network of approved websites.

Another important aspect within PPC campaigns and certainly within Adwords is the Google Shopping Feed. This feed is linked to your website via Google Merchant Centre and allows for an upload of your entire product catalogue. This catalogue is then displayed on Google search results under the shopping tab when customers search for these products or similar ones, depending on how the ads are configured.

So far we have looked specifically at Google and their PPC platform Adwords. There is however Bing, the Microsoft owned PPC platform that covers Bing and Yahoo search networks. Bing can also be beneficial to businesses looking to generate more traffic to their websites. Bing offers a very similar platform to Adwords and can on occasion offer a better ROI depending on your sector.

One of the main reasons for this is that the cost per click (CPC) on Bing ads are generally considerably cheaper than then would be on Adwords, mainly due to the there not being as many people searching and using Bing and Yahoo as search engines. Even thought this is the case it doesn’t mean it should be ignored – it should still be managed to ensure potential customers are exposed the complete marketing mix your business is using.

Recently social media sites such as Facebook have now started offing a variety of different ads that business can use and pay for on a PPC basis.

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Using PPC as a guide to your SEO strategy…

Pay per click has been around for a number of years now and for many businesses, they rely on it to drive traffic and customers to their website. Whilst we agree that PPC has its many uses, there is a cost associated with using it and here at Herd Marketing, we have always tried to use PPC to help us guide our SEO strategy.

For example, if we are getting considerable amounts of traffic to a website for a particular keyword, it makes real sense to try and rank organically for it so as to reduce the amount spent of PPC.

Paid search is still one of the most popular forms of digital marketing and one of the real core benefits of using it is just how trackable and measurable that it is. When linked up to Google Analytics it is possible to view a wide range of tracking options that will give real insight into your customer’s journey on your website. This insight can then be used to help with other aspects such as making changes on the design of your website for instance.

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