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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Management

PPC offers a great way of increasing website traffic and can be used on both Google and Bing search networks. When managed well, Pay Per Click advertsing offer advertisers an excellent ongoing ROI.


The biggest search engine in the world, Google’s paid advertising platform – Google Ads, offers a plethora of paid search advertsing options, that when optimised well, offer a good ROI.


Bing has its place within paid search and if managed correctly can generate website traffic that typiccally, offers cheaper CPC compared to its counterpart Google.

Search Networks

Get your ads to show on Google and Bing’s search networks. Create callout extensions and CTA ads that will entice customers and prospects.

Display Networks

Enable remarketing and showcase your goods and services on thousands of display network approved sites.

Pay per click is a great way of generating traffic to your website and is now offered across both search and social media networks.

In it’s simplest from PPC involves bidding on chosen keywords within your ad campaigns and when a customer clicks on your ad from these campaigns, you get charged.

In reality, though there is a lot more to consider and apply to your pay per click campaigns. When developing campaigns for clients we always use data and analytics to help us ensure we get the best ROI for our clients.

Whilst PPC offers you the chance to appear at the top of search engine results, we believe that it should also work to enhance and guide your organic SEO strategy.

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We are specialists in what we do…

Our team are experts in what we do and we work with both local and national clients from across the UK. By ultilising our expertise in pay per click management, we have built long lasting relationships with our clients that continue to provide an ongoing ROI.

Pay per click has been around for a number of years now and for many businesses, they rely on it to drive traffic and customers to their website.

Whilst we agree that PPC has its many uses, there is a cost associated with using it and here at Herd Marketing, we have always tried to use PPC to help us guide our SEO strategy.

For example, if we are getting considerable amounts of traffic to a website for a particular keyword, it makes real sense to try and rank organically for it so as to reduce the amount spent of PPC.

Paid search is still one of the most popular forms of digital marketing and one of the real core benefits of using it, is just how trackable and measurable it is.

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