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Digital Marketing Services


Organic search is a vital part of any digital marketing plan and when managed and implemented correctly, can offer a great ROI for buisness owners.

Social Media Management

Over 25% of all digital marketing spend now comes via social media. Facebook alone has over 35 million active users in the UK. Are you speaking to your customers on social?

Content Marketing

A key ranking factor is good quality, user friendly and relevent content. Well written, articulate content that adds value alongside UX is an important part of your digital strategy.

Pay Per Click

PPC offers a great way of generating new traffic to your website, however it needs to be managed well to ensure that a continued ROI is generated.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

It makes real commercial sense to try and convert exisiting website vistors into customers or leads. CRO offers data driven ideas and thoughts on how to acheive this.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a firm favourite amongst marketers and with good reason. Email marketing is one of the most cost efficent ways of delivering your message to customers.

Digital Marketing involves many different aspects and uses a number of different tools, all with the aim of getting your message or product put in front of and heard by potential customers and prospects whilst they are online.

Here at Herd Marketing, we believe that when building and developing a digital marketing strategy it is the combination of all parts coming together and delivering a clear and concise message that really makes online campaigns work and offer a continuous ROI.

When we talk about bringing together all the different elements of digital marketing together, we are referring to creating and implementing a well planned digital marketing plan that includes a pay per click campaigns, search engine optimisation, content management, conversion rate optimisation, social media management and email marketing.

Digital marketing is a fast-moving and dynamic environment that has really evolved and grown in recent times. The advent of social media has been a real game changer for many marketers and marketing agencies. In the past when we spoke about paid search it was always related to search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Nowadays however when we talk about online marketing social media always comes up first – and typically Facebook. Facebook is such a great platform and it will be really interesting to see how this develops and what more that can be achieved via social media moving forward.

When we consider search, via search engines, these have also evolved and become even more personalised. Local SEO has become a prominent feature and something that local businesses should really be managing and optimising. Another key area for development with SEO has been content and this can only be a good thing. Sharing information and knowledge via good content is something that adds real value to users and its no surprise that the large search engines value this and define it as one of their key ranking factors.

Paid search offers a number of benefits to businesses of all sizes and if managed and run correctly can offer a good ROI. Although PPC typically has it roots in Google’s Adwords platform it has recently grown into social media as well. From a ROI point of view, currently social media paid traffic ads offer a better ROI compared to search engine PPC (please note: This is based on industry standards and may not apply to your specific industry or sector).

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