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Initial Consultation

This lets us identify your current strategy and find out what you are happy with, what needs improving and what your main aims and objectives are for the future. This is gives us a  good starting point so we can clealry identify improvements moving forwards. 


Upon completion of our audit, we will provide you with a written report highlighting our finding and also marking out recommendations that will help you to achieve your corporate objectives. Examples could include undertaking SEO work.

Competiors Analysis

In order for us to develop a successful digital marketing strategy we need to understand what your market looks like. To do this we undertake a complete competitor analysis of your market and identify competitors. We then consult with you to clarify our finding on what techniques that your competitors are using, with the aim of finding a competitive advantage that we can exploit for you.

Digital Marketing Audit

A full audit of your websites current performance and health will give us an in dept view of your website and will highlight good points and also areas for improvement. In consultation with yourselves, we would like access your Google Analytics and/or Google Search Console – this will allow us start our audit and begin making a start on the your digital marketing strategy.

When creating your Digital Marketing Strategy there are a number of factors to consider and think about, such as what is your primary objective – what do you want to achieve from your digital marketing?

Ultimately most business will say they want more sales or more leads coming into their sales team. In reality though, this is not really a SMART goal and at its core, lacks direction. This is where we come in – at Herd we have been working in the digital marketing sector for over 12 years and we work with business owners and directors to help develop a successful strategy that will deliver you the results that you want.

In today’s digital marketing world there are many tools that we use to help us measure and track marketing budgets and spends. These tools help us to identify trends such as seasonal shopping and school holidays – both of which can have either a positive or negative impact on your business depending on your sector.

Our experience in working with many businesses from various different industries has given us a unique insight into market trends and this experience is what will help us to deliver a successful marketing strategy for your business.

As you will have read down this page you can clearly see there are many elements that come together to create a good digital marketing strategy.

Here at Herd we believe that it is about bringing all these different elements and tools together and using the data from these to help guide us. This approach has given us and our clients great results over the past 12 years. It is important to be agile, flexible and adaptable in marketing as markets and fashions change very quickly and it is always better to be prepared and pro active, rather than behind and reactive.

This is why our team here at Herd Marketing are absolutely passionate about what they do. We have created a workplace where people bring in new ideas and challenge each other daily. The idea of disruptive marketing and being part of it keep us on out toes and as such, helps us deliver great work for our clients.

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