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The PPC Game on Facebook and Google

The PPC Game on Facebook and Google

Google Ads or Facebook Ads

How Your PPC Manager Oversees Facebook Ads

So you want to reach a few of the 1.7 billion Facebook users scrolling on their social media —but you also want to be sure you’re paying the right amount of money to talk to the right type of people.

Less experienced marketers may feel that their Facebook ads are not delivering. But paid Facebook ads are astonishingly effective in the hands of a skilled PPC manager who knows what they’re doing, as your Facebook ad receipts will show.

Your PPC manager will begin by creating a Facebook business page along with your business’s Facebook ad account ID. Facebook Ad Manager supplies you with a dashboard that allows you to keep track of your campaigns and a detailed series of metrics, including the amount you’re spending each day.

Every PPC manager spends a lot of time evaluating these metrics and understands the strategies that stimulate performance. Crucially, they will know how to match ad activity with an objective. Your objective might encompass promoting overall brand awareness, driving up your number of downloads or app installations, or directing traffic to your e-commerce site.

Other objectives include lead generation, catalogue sales, video views, and more. After consulting you, your manager will set the parameters that allow them to track and monitor how a particular ad converts in terms of its specific objective. They will also work to configure a precise target audience that is most likely to respond to your offering.

Initially, this part of the game may require some trial and error. Your manager will likely make it a point to try several options, compare performance results, and help you hone your criteria as you zero in on the characteristics of your ideal customer based on location, age, gender, languages, relationship status, education, work, income, ethnicity, politics, life events, interests, behaviours, and connections.

From here, you and your PPC manager will discuss the appropriate budget for your ad campaign, both in terms of your daily and lifetime spend. Your PPC manager will even be able to set your ad for precise hours and/or days of the week if these factors are relevant to your product, service, or target demographic.

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