Think Wine Group & Social Nation Podcast

Think Wine Group & Social Nation Podcast

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Last Friday we visited Katherine Jones at the Social Nation HQ on Stanley Street in Liverpool to record the latest Herd Marketing podcast.

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Kath runs her influencer marketing agency, We Are Social Nation from here and works with a number of celebrities to manage their social media accounts, in particular their Instagram accounts. In addition to this, Kath recently set up a brand of sparkling wine and Prosecco – called Think Wine. This is a reduced-calorie and vegan-friendly Prosecco and in this episode of the Herd Marketing podcast, we talk about both of these businesses and how they help one another.

During this light-hearted and often funny episode – we find out in more detail about Social Nation and some of the interesting influencers that they work with. We also discover more about the Think Wine Group and learn how and why it was originally set up. We gently cover the topic of how the Corona Virus has effected both Social Nation and the Think Wine Group and we learn how Kath has changed her approach to tackling this issue, such as focusing more on the DTC approach to selling.

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As has become a tradition with guest speakers on our podcast, we close out by asking Kath to talk about some of her favourite books and share with us what she last read. We hope you like this episode and as always, if you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions for future episode please do leave a comment in the box below.

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