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Being found online organically or via search engines natural SERP is a vital part of digital marketing. SEO is mixture between science and art that invloves managing a variety of factors that are influenced by scientific data to ensure a ROI.  Find out more today about how Herd Marketing can help you acheive your goals.

Social Media Management

Both B2B and B2C clients now understand the power and importance of using social media. In the UK alone there over 35 million Facebook users alone. Can you really afford not to have an active social media presence? Speak to us today about how Herd Marketing can help you achieve your goals across a variety of social media platforms.

Pay Per Click

PPC has been around for a number of years now and forms the backbone of many businesses online strategy. PPC has many benefits and if managed and used correctly can offer an ongoing ROI for advertisers. Here at Herd Marketing we like to use PPC to influence and guide our SEO strategy, so that long term more traffic and sales come via organic means.

Content Marketing

It has often been said that content is king and while there is some truth in this, it is important to remember that the content must be both valuable and engaging to the end user. Content marketing can offer a variety of benefits, from brand and product awarness right though to education.


Any businesses that offers products or services online should have some form of planned digital strategy in place that will include using the complete marketing mix of tools available, so that a clear and concise messgae can be relayed and convey to your target audience.


Your website is your shop front to the world and as such it should reflect your business and its products or services from the first glance. At Herd Marketing we create beautiful responsive websites that clients and their customers love and engage with, using the world renowd WordPress platform.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

It makes real commercial sense to try and convert more customers who already vistit and use your website rather to try and aquire new one. CRO is a valuable task that should be undertaken regardless of your business or sector. Speak to Herd Marketing today to see how we can potenially help your convert your website visitors more efficently.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is great way of communicating with both new and existing customers and in today’s modern world allows for immediate delivery of messages. Email data should always be collected via the double opt in method and should be be used in accordance with legislation, such as GDPR.


Looking for a beautfillly designed, responsive website that your customers will love? We use the highly adaptable WordPress platform to create amazing websites for our clients.

These WordPress websites can be developed into either e-commerce or information only sites and are very scaleable for future business development. 

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