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Think of your hosting solution as your virtual location on the high street. Good, reliable hosting plays an integral role in your business’s operations, growth and success online. Here at Herd Marketing, we utilise the very best AWS platform and configure it to our client’s needs, giving our clients complete peace of mind that their website and online presence are live, secure and accessible 24/7 365 days a year.

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Our team are experts in what we do and we work with both local and national clients from across the UK. By utilising our expertise in WordPress Website Hosting, we have built long-lasting relationships with our clients that continue to provide a quality UK based hosting solution for them.

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The power of AWS website hosting.

We actively undertake regular server monitoring, utilising tools such as ModSecurity, Fail2ban and Malwaredetect and as such we’re proactively looking for issues, and mitigating threats at all times to ensure your online presence is live and secure. Additionally, we can deploy CDN that will help deliver the best UX for both you and your customers, ensuring that your website is superfast and responsive at all times. Furthermore, by leveraging the power of the AWS platform you have a world of growth, performance, and technology that we can leverage for you as you scale your online presence

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A UK based, premium hosting solution with no hidden extras.

All our website hosting packages start on an initial 12-month contract and come with the first-year SSL certificate free of charge. We can also handle the full migration process from your existing provider across to us and once live, we can provide you with full back-end access. As a guide, our hosting solutions start from just £99 per month.

Host Your Website with Us
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Aa cloud service provider, our AWS offers extensive features that make your site fast, reliable and secure.

Hosting your website on AWS allows for superior scalability, reliability, and speed. You won’t need to worry about your website going down or becoming unavailable because of traffic surges. Plus, it provides a secure platform to protect your website from potential threats.

When you opt for AWS hosting by Herd Marketing, you are also choosing for comprehensive management of your site. This includes regular updates, backups, security monitoring and customer support to resolve any technical issues.

Furthermore, the team here at Herd Marketing has significant experience and skills in managing and maintaining AWS infrastructures. We can tailor the service to your unique requirements and advise on how best to optimise your website’s performance.

Whether you are launching a new site, looking for reliable hosting for your high-traffic site, or wanting to secure your online data, AWS hosting by Herd Marketing could be an ideal solution. It is designed to accommodate websites of all sizes, ensuring smooth operation and great user experience.

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Website Hosting – Frequently Asked Questions


Website hosting is a service that allows you to publish your website on the internet. A web host (such as Herd Marketing) provides the technologies and services necessary for your website to be viewed on the internet.

Once your website is created, you need to upload it to a web host. This web host stores all the files necessary for your website to function, including HTML files, CSS and JavaScript files, images, videos, and more. When a user wants to view your website, their computer sends a request to the web host’s server, which then serves the website to the user's browser.

The cost can vary widely depending on the type and size of your site. Our hosting packages at Herd Marketing start at £99 per month.

Yes, you can technically host your own website on your own computer, but it is generally not recommended. This requires your computer to be constantly running, have an open, dedicated internet connection, and have the appropriate software installed and properly configured.

Shared hosting is the cheapest type of hosting, but your website shares server resources with other websites. Dedicated hosting gives you an entire server to yourself, but is more expensive. VPS hosting is a middle ground where you share a server, but have a guaranteed amount of resources allocated to your site. Here at Herd Marketing, we use a mixture of all three server types, depending upon our clients needs and requirements.

Uptime refers to the amount of time your website is available and accessible to visitors. It is usually represented as a percentage. For example, an uptime of 99.99% means that your website is available almost all of the time, barring a few minutes each day for maintenance or unforeseen problems.

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