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Category: Pay Per Click

Facebook vs Google Ads

Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

Digital marketing has become a way of life for marketers over the past decade and a half. Yet, there is so much to learn about digital marketing and its scope of turning your business into a lucrative enterprise. It is a known and accepted fact, in all form of marketing campaigns, that strategic advertising to…
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Pay Per Click Advertsing

Explaining Pay Per Click Advertising

In this modern era of technological advancement, the internet has become the primary medium of communication and paved the way to digitalisation. It is thus no wonder that when it comes to performance marketing, the PPC advertising business model has established itself as the most viable in terms of results and cost-efficiency. What is PPC?…
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Optimising Google Ads

Optimising Google Ads

Paid search using Google Ads offers businesses a great way of increasing high quality, interested and engaged web users directly to your website when they search on Google for particular keywords. They then click on these paid ads and are directed to specific web pages that relate to the search term. In theory, this should…
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Google Ads Management

Managing Google Ads

Google Ads offer a great way to increase traffic to your website and when managed and created well can offer a good ongoing ROI for business users. Today I want to talk about managing Google Ads and how to use them in an efficient way to ensure that you are getting most from your digital…
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AdWords Picture

Generating Website Traffic Using PPC

Pay per click or PPC as it is also known is a great digital marketing tool that can really increase and drive traffic to your website and can also recapture previous website visitors via dynamic remarketing ads. Paid search has been a popular tool for digital marketers for many years now since Google first released…
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