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Making Your Google Ads Work for You

Making Your Google Ads Work for You

Google Ads Management

Google Ads may seem like an obvious go-to for marketers looking to reach a wide swath of targeted prospects. The platform operates using PPC advertising—where you’re charged for each click generated by one of the ads you place. Because Google matches your ad keywords with the words and phrases people are entering into the search bar, you know your brand or product is appearing in front of somebody looking for a solution similar to what you’re providing. 

For its expansiveness—the breadth of visibility it provides, Google really can’t be beaten. No matter your industry, the ads you create through Google will secure a greater number of hits than virtually any other place online. The search engine facilitates over 2 trillion searches per day! But Google Ads provides advantages beyond allowing you to cast a wide net. You can now hone and calibrate your ads to perform with startling power and specificity. 

Google’s Responsive Ads

You might be wondering, “What’s a key benefit of responsive display ads?” Google’s new automation processes allow for greater flexibility, increased clicks, and a larger number of conversions. Google machine learning positions your ads to perform far more productively than they would if left static and stationary. Above all, responsive ads are designed to respond to changes in consumer behavior. You’ll watch your advertising adjust itself to reflect changes within the market.

This ad type was first inaugurated in 2018 to utilize a wider variety of ad copy. With Responsive Ads, you can create up to 15 headlines and four descriptions. Google will then combine these elements in real-time to cater to the content of the search.

Now rather than spitting out a blurb of ad copy that’s almost, but not quite, just right, your ad will come as close as possible to meeting the needs of the particular search query and increase the likelihood of earning that all-important click.

Many Google Ads advertisers now use responsive ads and as such, Google’s machine learning capabilities have grown even more robust in pinpointing the right combination of ad content to fit a particular search — which is a win-win-win for Google, the advertiser, and the consumer.  

Google’s Dynamic Search Ads 

Google Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) allow you to enlarge your query coverage and ultimately invite more traffic—the trick is to ensure you take the time to properly configure your settings. You need to take this step to fully optimize your campaign!    

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