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Social Media Management

Managing social media channels is a full time commitment and when connected to your wider marketing strategy, can offer excellent ROI. Shown below are some of the major social media platforms that we have extensive experience managing for our clients.


There are over 35 million active Facebook accounts in the UK alone. Are you getting the most out of Facebook for your business?


Twitter now allows you to use 280 characters in each tweet – make more use of this platform and allow customers to interact with your business.


Pictures and more pictures – Instagram is owned by Facebook and has become very popular with advertisers, especially within eCommerce.


B2B customers love LinkedIn and with good reason. Advertise your services or goods directly to other business professionals

In recent times social media advertising has become a prominent feature in nearly all digital marketing campaigns, whether you are advertising B2C or B2B. The ability to really segment your target audience and narrow the sales funnel has made social media advertising one of the highest converting channels.

Only a matter of years ago Google and their Adwords platform seemed to have conquered the paid search sector, however in recent times there has been a real shift in the way businesses and customers interact and make purchases online. This is where social media advertising has really grown and now more than ever it is vital for business to at least have a social media presence on various sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

At Herd Marketing we are social media experts and have developed various campaigns for a variety of businesses depending upon their aims and objectives. This has included creating lead generation ads for businesses operating in the services industries and traffic generation ads for eCommerce businesses, using custom audiences and lookalike audiences to segment customers and prospects.

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Social media management is our speciality…

Social media management is something we are good at. Whether that is creating brand awareness campaigns, lead generations ads or by directing traffic directly to your website, we are experts in the field of social media.
Social media has really changed the way nearly all businesses do business and market themselves.

eCommerce has really been influenced by social media marketing and this has seen the creation of many new roles within social media marketing and management. In recent times influencer marketing has really taken off and for certain brands within certain sectors, this has become a major part of their digital marketing budget. A sector that has really taken to influencer marketing is clothing and this can be seen by the number of brand accounts that team up with various Instagram accounts, that have a really strong following within their target market. For businesses looking to advertise their services LinkedIn have worked particularly hard to increase there paid advertising solutions and this, if managed and work on correctly can also be very beneficial.

Twitter have also really tried to market their paid promotions and recently increased the number of characters allowed in tweets – a clear indication that they recognise that both people and businesses need to be able to communicate clearly with one another. Currently taking the leads in social media advertising are Facebook and Instagram – simply put, this is because it offers advertisers the best ROI for them and their clients.

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