The Beer Lab Podcast with Herd Marketing

The Beer Lab Podcast with Herd Marketing

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In the latest episode of the Herd Marketing podcast, we visit Ryan, who runs and operates The Beer Lab in Heswall. The Beer Lab is a micropub that specialises in selling a huge range of craft beers and has built up an enviable reputation locally as one of the best pubs on the Wirral. This is down to an ever-changing range of artisan craft beers being on sale, as well as its really good atmosphere. 

During this episode, we talk about how the business has reacted to the recent Coronavirus and how by being quick to react, it has managed to not only survive but thrive. We also ”Taste Test” one of the amazing beers that are available and talk further about some exciting new plans. This includes the opening a new warehouse that will help facilitate the growth of online sales for The Beer Lab. 

This new growth and expansion are certainly exciting times for The Beer Lab and we are pleased, as an agency to be working with Ryan and his team on this journey. Herd Marketing has built the new website and are actively working on and managing the paid social media ads on Facebook and Instagram for The Beer Lab. Additionally, we are also managing the Email Marketing campaigns and are already getting some excellent results and a ROI for The Beer Lab. 

These are certainly exciting times and we hope you have enjoyed this episode of our podcast. As always, if you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions for future episodes then please do contact us or leave a comment in the box below.

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