Google Ads and WhatsApp – Herd Marketing Podcast

Google Ads and WhatsApp – Herd Marketing Podcast

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Welcome to the latest Herd Marketing podcast – in this episode, we talk about and discuss paid search, in particular, Google Ads and then we move on to how Herd Marketing came to be and finally, we conclude with our thoughts and ideas on how we think WhatsApp will evolve in the not to distant future.

Google Ads offer a great way to increase your website traffic and for many online business owners, this is how they generate traffic to their sites. It’s important to remember, however, that PPC advertising needs to offer a ROI and to do this, these campaigns need to be fully optimised. In this podcast, we discuss how we have recently worked on and improved cost per acquisition for a client of ours and how making a number of small changes really helped to improve their campaigns.

We then speak about why Herd Marketing was created and how our founder and MD, Mark has worked within a number of businesses he has owned and uses his extensive experience within digital marketing to help develop and deliver strategies for clients of Herd Marketing.

Finally, we finish up with our thoughts, views and ideas on WhatsApp and how we think it may integrate in the future with Facebook’s new cryptocurrency Libra. As with all our podcasts, vlogs and content, if you have any thoughts, questions, ideas or suggestions for future posts please do leave a comment in the box below and we will do what we can to try and answer or include them in future episodes.

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