SEO in Liverpool

SEO in Liverpool

Liverpool SEOReading Time: 2 minutes

Local SEO is an important part of your overall SEO strategy and can often lay the ground work for good SEO results nationally and sometimes even internationally. In today’ entry though, I want to focus solely on talking about Local Search Engine Optimisation.

In very competitive industries in certain areas such as larger cities it can sometimes be harder to get the ranking you want and in today’s blog I want to offer you some ideas, thoughts and tactics that I have used recently to get ranking for both Herd Marketing and our clients. This list is not exhaustive and comes only from my experience as a digital marketer. If after reading this you feel I have missed any points or have some other relevant ideas then please do login and comment in the box below.

Tip 1 – Ensure that your pages, meta tags and page description are optimised for the area you are looking to target. For example, this blog post is trying to focus on SEO in Liverpool, so I have ensured that the title post, content and general page description have in the core key words I’m trying to rank for.

This short video from Ahrefs offers some good useful advise to help with your local SEO.

Tip 2 – Make the most out of Google My Business. This free tool is a great way to get as much information about your business onto and into Google’s search results. Geolocation search results are now really important to Google and with good reason. Google’s mantra as such is all about serving people with the best, relevant information available to them and near them. So it’s vital that you keep your Google My Business page up to date and work on optimising this page as well. Be sure to add plenty of images of your Google My Business page, include opening hours and make the most out of Google Posts by sharing things regularly on there and linking back to your site. It is also worth remembering to add your details onto Bing Places as well and keeping this page up to date and relevant.

Tip 3 – If you work with any other local businesses and have a good relationship with them ask them to link back to you from their website. A local link from a trusted partner can be really beneficial to not just your local SEO but also your wider SEO strategy. When we create websites for clients we always ask that we can link back to us as we understand that this local link helps us with our rankings. So for example, we request follow links and depending upon the work we have done for clients it could have the follow text of ‘SEO Liverpool‘ or ‘Websites by Herd Marketing’ added somewhere on their homepage.

Local SEO can be very beneficial and if done correctly and managed well can help to increase local traffic to your site from both new and existing local customers. If you run a local business and are on the look out for a marketing team to work with on any aspect of your digital campaigns please do contact us today for free no obligation chat.


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