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Search Engine Optimisation

Get the most out of your website – ensure it is found by the correct people! 

Search engine optimisation is vital if you want to increase sales and/or leads into your business. Organic traffic typically converts much better than paid search and is something that all companies should implement within their digital marketing strategy.

Ecommerce SEO

SEO for eCommerce involves using a number of different techniques to help get your website indexed and ranked in Google and Bing. This can involve techniques such as content marketing, link building and page size compression.

On larger eCommerce websites or websites that are image heavy extra consideration needs to given to compressing the images as much as possible to help with page loading time. These are just a handful of things that we would look at when conducting an SEO audit or when completing SEO for our clients.

Local SEO

If your business places an emphasis on targeting its local customers, then local SEO should be an important part of your overall digital marketing strategy. Google my Business is a free tool that can be used as a good starting point to optimise your local SEO.

Your website itself should also be optimised to reflect your location, if local SEO is part of your strategy. Examples of this could include embedding a Google map on your contact us page and adding your local town name to your meta tags and page titles.

SEO Audit

A thorough SEO audit is a perfect way to explore your current website and analyse both positive and negative factors that influence your current ranking. An audit will identify areas for improvement and will help form the beginning of your digital marketing strategy.

A full audit of your websites current performance and health will give us an in-depth view of your website and will highlight good points and offer suggestions for areas that need refining. In consultation with yourselves, we would like to access your Google Analytics and/or Google Search Console – this will allow us to start our audit and begin making a start on your digital marketing strategy.

New Website SEO

If you are launching a new website or have recently launched a new site then getting your SEO right early on can really speed up the process of getting the website ranked well.

Things such as setting permanent 301 redirect for old website URLs is something that should be done before the launch of your new website if possible.

The overall structure and architecture of your website will also play a part in how quickly and how well it can be read and indexed by major search engines.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation as it is also known is the practice and development of making a website rank and show on major search engines organic/natural listings. There are many reasons why ranking well on these major search engines is important, but principally from a commercial point of view, organic listing simply convert better in terms on sales and leads than other forms of digital marketing.

SEO is a dynamic and fast-moving practice that sees search engines develop and update their ranking criteria and algorithms fairly regularly, as such it requires expert search engine marketers to manage and work on websites so that sustainable results that last can be delivered for businesses.

This is where Herd Marketing comes in – we develop and work on SEO strategies for our clients that are ethical and use only white hat SEO techniques and practices so that we can provide continuous ongoing results for our clients.

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Search Engine Optimisation

We are specialists in what we do…

Our team are experts in what we do and we work with both local and national clients from across the UK. By ultilising our expertise in search engine optimisation, we have built long lasting relationships with our clients that continue to provide an ongoing ROI.

One of the key benefits with search engine optimisation is just how measurable it is and in recent times there has been a plethora of SEO tools released onto the market to help digital marketers measure organic ranking.

Our approach to organic search is both methodical and scientific and we use only whitehat techniques that will add real benefit to your website and business as a whole.

There are many factors within search engine optimisation that help get your website ranked and it is vital to try and cover as many of the known factors as possible. There are over 200 ranking factors that influence the way in which Google views, reads and ultimately displays your website within its SERP.

Although Google never really confirms or denies these ranking factors that its algorithms use, certain ones are known to be more important than others. For example page loading speed and good quality, relevant backlinks are known to vastly help improve a websites organic rankings.

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Search Engine Optimisation

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